American Vegan Kitchen (published by Vegan Heritage Press, February 2010) is my first book. Filled with classic comfort foods and home style favorites, these 250 recipes are sure to satisfy. From breakfast to dessert, you’ll feel like you’re back in Mom’s kitchen. If she were vegan, that is.

Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day (to be published by Fair Winds Press) is my second book. Fabulous food photographer (as well as wonderful cook), Celine Steen is the co-author. This book is packed with recipes for around the clock sandwich feasting. Available September 2012.

Grills Gone Vegan! (to be published by Book Publishing Company) will be my third book. Chock-full of grilling recipes for both indoor and outdoor preparation, these easy recipes make great family meals, and will make casual entertaining extra easy.
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