Vegan Unplugged Winner!

It was so much fun reading everyone’s stories of electricity outages, and it reinforced the fact that vegans are flexible and resilient people. We seem to have all enjoyed the lack of lights!

Congratulations, Abbe, commenter #15! You are the winner of Vegan Unplugged. Please email me your mailing address so I can get this book out to you. I can’t find a contact email for you. Hope you enjoy the book. Thank you to Vegan Heritage Press (who also published American Vegan Kitchen) for sending me this contest copy.

In keeping with the Robin Robertson theme (she did the recipes for Vegan Unplugged), the recipe up top is a wonderfully spicy Tomato Tortilla Soup for an upcoming cookbook. This is one of those soups I could eat for lunch every day.

Monday: VeganMoFo begins!

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