Food Network Friday: “Chicken” and the Bodacious Bulb and Contest Winner!

My version

This week’s Food Network Friday was chosen by Amy, who joined us in the last round. I think there might be a lot of vampires where Amy lives, judging from all the garlic in this dish. Not only is this recipe handy for people who live in dangerous places, it also hits the spot for garlic lovers, like us. The recipe is originally from Guy Feiri and can be seen here.

Amy’s version

Amy is first up! She chose seitan for her protein, but pretty much stuck to the recipe. Her version is posted yet, but I’ll link it when it is.Kim’s version

Kim got her post up now. Better a little late then never. After all, this is all about fun, not pressure. Check out the crispy coating on that tempeh! You can get all the details on her version over at her blog. Thanks for your persistence in pulling this one off, Kim!

A newcomer to Food Network Friday, Allison, made this delicious looking version. With roasted garlic and Gardein scallopini as a start, Allison upped the vegetables by adding onion, carrot, celery and zucchini with tomatoes and thyme. All this wonderfulness was topped by a mushroom/red wine/garlic gravy. Yum! Thanks so much for joining us, Allison! You might know Allison from the PPK and VegWeb.

Allison’s version

Kip, the Messy Vegetarian Cook, joined us for this go-around, too. True to her name, she apparently was a little whisk challenged. None of that stopped her from turning out this beautiful looking (and totally intended) casserole. For the real scoop, check out her post.

Kip’s version

Vegan Aide really brought a new twist to the chicken. Mushrooms! And not just any mushrooms, perfectly crusted and shallow-fried. For the full details, check out her blog. She even made her own stock for this one!

Vegan Aide’s version

My take on this was fairly simple. To start, I toasted garlic slices in oil, then removed them but left the oil in the skillet. I marinated tofu in tamari, then coated it lightly with flour, salt, pepper and garlic powder. After pan frying the tofu, I used the same skillet to make the gravy with half the garlic slices. On top of some farfalle, I plated the tofu, gravy, chopped heirloom and cherry tomatoes, parsley, and the rest of the garlic slices. This was hearty and delicious.

Considering this was a Guy Fieri recipe, I can’t resist saying “Winner, winner, tofu dinner!” Congratulations to Katie, commenter #14 who’s favorite flower is the blue flag iris. Katie, it doesn’t look as if I can contact you. Please email me with your mailing address and I’ll get this copy of the Blooming Platter Cookbook out to you. Thanks to Vegan Heritage Press for this contest copy. Stay tuned for another contest coming soon!

Thanks to all the new players! Who wants to pick the next recipe?

Also coming soon: a review of Vegan Sweet Tooth, a new bakery! If you happen to be in New York City, be sure to check out Wildflower, the new pop-up place.

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    Yum! They all look great, I don’t think I’d be able to choose!

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    I got there eventually Tami!

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    I love all of the variations!! I finally got mine posted today. Great job everyone!!!

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    haha I do LOVE garlic!! :)

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