Food Network Friday: Reuben “Meatball” Sliders

My version

I have proclaimed my love for reubens more times than I can count. When Kelly suggested this recipe, it felt like a personal gift. I was that excited. Oddly, I grew up near a well-known corned beef hotspot outside of Cleveland. My family loved the place, but just walking in the smell of corned beef made me feel sick. Back then, I stuck to the cheesecake. Apparently I’m making up for lost time with vegan reubens.

Kelly’s version

So, thank you, Kelly, for this awesome present. Let’s start with you. Over at Two and a Half Vegans, Kelly went with tempeh for her meatballs. Tempeh makes incredible reubens and I love the idea of your swiss cheese spread. Kelly also kindly shared her recipe for the meatballs. Take a look and you’ll want to get cooking.

Megan’s version

Megan, the Vegan Cookbook Aficionado, turned to Vegan Dad for ideas on her meatball base. With his wonderful blog, he’d never steer you wrong. After tampering with the spices, she came up with a fantastic looking sandwich. Don’t miss her gorgeous photos (and recipe)! Like you, we…….missed the Super Bowl.

Vegan Aide’s version

Over at Weekly Vegan Menu, Vegan Aide was as true to the recipe as a vegan could be. And with great results, too! The opening explanation of ground beef is running through my head almost like a nursery rhyme. A very scary nursery rhyme. And don’t miss the tangent while drooling over the incredible photo of her black bean and gluten reuben.

Kim’s version

Kim at Veg-in-Training opted for marinated and fried tempeh for her reuben protein. Take a look at that! Perfect little slider buns topped with caraway seeds and Kim’s Thousand Isla Dressing finish them off. Yes, please! Don’t let Kim’s Loaded Tots stop you in your blog-reading tracks. Scroll down.

Liz’s version

My sister in reuben love, Liz at Cooking the Vegan Books, was probably just as happy about this pick as I was. Adapting the Black-Eyed Pea and Tempeh Meatballs from Appetite for Reduction, Liz turned these into reuben meatball subs! A new Polish shop opened near Liz, and that sauerkraut topped her subs. As our only Brit, Liz flaunts her Vegusto cheese, too. As well she should.

Although I love the idea of sliders, I switched to a full-size burger. Jeff’s recipe was more of an inspiration than a blueprint for me. The concept “reuben burgers” struck me like lightning. Why hadn’t I ever thought of that?

Working with the All-American Incrediburgers from American Vegan Kitchen as a starting point, the recipe was easily modified to a reuben burger. For the buns, I incorporated rye and pumpernickel flours along with caraway seeds and dried minced onions. With the required sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing, this dinner exceeded our expectations. So much so that we had it again two nights later, and I’m ecstatic that we have two more burgers and buns in the freezer.

By the way, I was the only one who picked a mostly gluten burger. And here I worried about every one else doing the same! Projection, much? I’m also the only one who omitted any sort of cheese. I guess I’m a bit of reuben purist.

In my next post, I’ll share my bun recipe. The burger recipe is heading over to One Green Planet and I’ll link to it here when it gets published.

Thank you very much to all who participated. Tomorrow, I’ll post the winner of Sticky Fingers’ Sweets along with my recipe.

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  1. Posted February 10, 2012 at 10:16 pm | Permalink

    Love all the interpretations! Glad everyone enjoyed it too…phew!

  2. Posted February 10, 2012 at 10:33 pm | Permalink

    All of the versions look awesome. Great job.
    I’ll play next time. Promise.

  3. Posted February 13, 2012 at 6:39 pm | Permalink

    Mmmmm, everyone’s version looks sooo good.

  4. Barb@ThatWasVegan?
    Posted February 16, 2012 at 1:24 am | Permalink

    I’m a huge fan of veganizing recipes, and I loove reading your posts! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Posted February 16, 2012 at 1:55 pm | Permalink

    Thanks so much, Barb, we’d love to have you join us.

    Kelly, it was a fun one!

    in2, do it! It’s a blast!

    And Maggie, thank you!

  6. Posted February 16, 2012 at 2:32 pm | Permalink

    I’ve never tried a reuben but all of those look amazing.

  7. Posted February 16, 2012 at 7:20 pm | Permalink

    V.i.B., you need to change that. Like yesterday.

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