Maple-Fermented Blueberries

Here in Ohio, our peach season is nonexistent this year. All the blossoms froze. Peaches are my very favorite fruit, so I’ve had to look for other fruits to console me. These fermented blueberries are helping.  I’ve also been on a fermenting kick, and these have to be the simplest project to date, and also one of the most successful. The idea for them came from a fermentation group on facebook, but they used honey. Maple syrup is a natural stand-in for vegans, and proved to be an incredibly tasty one.


Maple Fermented Blueberries

This is really more of a technique than a recipe, especially when you see that it’s so easy it can’t even be considered a recipe! I used a quart jar and a scant 2 pints of organic blueberries. The key is to leave about 1/4 of the top of the jar empty, because the berries will plump a bit. Pour maple syrup (I prefer grade B) over about the bottom 1/3 of the berries. For me, this was about 1/4 cup, but let your eyes be your judge. Put the top on the jar and turn the jar over to coat all the berries with syrup. You can also roll the jar in your hands to be sure they are covered. Put the jar on the counter and cover it with a towel. Twice a day, turn the jar to coat the berries again. Eventually, the berries will begin to ferment and create juice that mixes with the syrup and nearly covers the blueberries. Start tasting the berries after the second or third day. You’re looking for a slight pop, a sweet tang, and some gorgeous foam. With temperatures in the mid 70s, my berries took 5 days. When they are fermented to your taste, store them in the refrigerator.

French Toaste with Maple Fermented Berries

These have an incredible gourmet taste and are wonderful over french toast, waffles, pancakes, ice cream, you name it! If you’d like, you can add a split vanilla bean , a piece of cinnamon stick, or probably even a couple sprigs of an herb. We prefer the straight taste of the fermented berries. The syrup acts as a preservative, but if you see any signs of mold, discard the project and start again. While I haven’t tried this with any other fruit, it seems it should work with all berries and stone fruit. If you give it a try, let me know what you think!

Speaking of ice cream…. did you see the last post? Enter!

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