Vegan Croissants… in Cleveland!

Whew… where has this year gone? It’s flown by faster than ever! So before we get one day closer to the end of the year (how is that even possible?), let me announce the winner of OATrageous Oats, by Kathy Hester. Congratulations to #9, Clare Reece-Glore! I will try to contact you, but please email me, too, in case my email gets derailed.

It’s a great time of year to win the oat book, and it’s also a great time to be vegan in Cleveland. How’s that for a segue? I’m going to start adding posts showing you just how awesome it is. Over the past few years, Cleveland Culinary Launch  has been helping new food businesses get up and running. Of course, they aren’t all vegan, but most of those that have vegan options, are really incredible. So incredible that we’ve made them our first and second stops at farmers’ markets to be sure we don’t miss out. More to come on these businesses. Although not from the CCLK, the first amazing vegan food find I’m going to share with you is Metro Croissants.

Metro CroissantsApricot Danishes, fresh from the oven

That’s right. Vegan croissants. In Cleveland.

Debbie, the baker and owner,  is a regular at several markets in the area, and is often contributing to the vegan events who put out a call for food. Since the markets are wrapping up for the year, we placed an order for frozen danishes (we fill them and bake them out home) to try to get us through the winter. If you happen to see vegan croissants at Gypsy Beans (we’ve never been, have you?) or Phoenix Coffee, scoop them up. You’ll be glad you did.

If I knew what I was doing with hashtags, this one would be #CLEVEGN! Watch for more. And share your finds with me, too!


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    Huzzah for croissants!

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