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Vine and Dine: Tempeh Stroganoff Stuffed Potatoes

When Liz and I had the idea for the Vine and Dine cookalong, we weren’t sure where it was going to go or how long it would last. We both knew that we wanted to cook more from our cookbooks than we had and thought the idea of matching recipes with wine might entice us […]

Wine Tasting Food Photos

We had a wonderful time with some new friends last night and thought I’d share the food we served.  Marinated Mushrooms, a variation on the Cajun Mushrooms for my upcoming book, Grills Gone Vegan!      Hummus  Spinach and Artichoke Dip (a variation on the Cafe Spinach Dip from American Vegan Kitchen) A variation on […]

Noodlecat and the Future of Food Network Friday!

This past weekend, we had a family trip day and all headed to downtown Cleveland. One of the highlights was the West Side Market, where we picked up some fresh vegan pasta and learned that Orale frequently has vegan specials, not just on Tuesdays. Both are reasons to head back downtown soon. Since we were […]

Vine and Dine: Blue Plate Special Wheat-Meat Loaf from American Vegan Kitchen

Yet another edition of Vine and Dine! It feels like this one came out of nowhere. I’ve got a feeling that I’m not the only one who felt that way. By request, the book we’re featuring is American Vegan Kitchen! When it was suggested, I was both flattered and a wee bit uncomfortable. I decided […]

Brunch and a New Project

We recently had some friends over for brunch, and that is the plate full of food to prove it. In working on the whole grain baking book with Celine, I’m amazed at how pale baked goods made with all-purpose flour are. I don’t see myself using it much in the future at all, because the […]