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Food Network Friday for 9/18 and Quick Roasted Plum Tomato Bruschetta

Quick Roasted Plum Tomato Bruschetta (recipe below) Here’s the recipe for the next Food Network Friday, which will wrap-up on September 18th. To participate, just veganize the recipe below, making any changes you’d like and either email your results to me or post a link to the blog post on that day. We’d love to […]

Cashew Cheeze Stuffed Squash Blossoms

In working on the book, some of the wonderful recipe testers were making suggestions of other recipes to be included in my cookbook (that sounds so surreal when I say it) and a squash blossom recipe was one of the ideas. That’s all it took for me to try to get my hands on some. […]

A Trio of Fast and Easy Appetizers

Soyrizo Lettuce Leaves About a week or so ago, we had company coming for an evening of appetizers…and of course, they’re not vegan. At least not here in Ohio, where I think the number of vegans could be counted on one hand. And my guess is they don’t go out much. So these appetizers were […]

Food Network Friday: Red Curry Lime Wings

I seem to be developing a little cooking crush on Tyler Florence maybe. This recipe is originally his and was easy to adapt. Of course, my version borders more on the quick and easy than his, but the flavors are all straight from the original. I’m adding a wingy seitan recipe, but this sauce would […]

Crispy Tempeh Fingers with Green Cream

Crispy Tempeh Fingers with Green Cream Considering how many seitan recipes I throw out there, I thought I’d post an oldie but goodie tempeh recipe today. I’ve been making variations of this for probably 20 years. No kidding. Way back, I didn’t make seitan very often because it was the old school way and always […]