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Food Network Friday: “Bacon” Corn Muffins

Vegan Aide’s version This was a dramatic twist from our usual Food Network Friday choices. In support of Vegan Muffins on the Move, I chose a muffin! Surprise!? Probably not. Here goes. Allysia’s version Alyssia starts us off with this gorgeous muffin photo! In a smart move, Allysia also used cashews for her frosting, which […]

Cinnacrunch Muffins – Making and Sharing

As vegans, most of us are passionate about our decision to live vegan lives. After some thought about how to encourage others to eat vegan food even now and then, muffins seemed an easy introduction. In the past, I’ve taken muffins into my husband’s work once in a while. But I’m shifting up my game. […]

Hearty Vegan Review and Contest

For various reasons, it’s taken me longer than I would have liked to review Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites. But I’m doing it now, and that’s what counts, right? Especially since you’ve got a chance to win this book. First, a disclaimer: I am currently working on a sandwich book with Celine Steen who […]

Friday Free for All!

It’s been too long since I’ve posted and when I’m lying in bed (trying to go back to sleep) and actually writing a blog post in my head, it’s time to get up and do it. First, here’s what coming: Food Network Friday wraps up one week from today. Try your hand at veganzing this […]

Vegan Croissants? Yes, Really!

With my love of all things carby, it’s no surprise that vegan croissants ranked high on my “to conquer” list. I got hooked on them (non-vegan) in my early 20’s when we lived in an apartment near Coventry (Cleveland Heights). These were the days of the $5 pizzas (Mama Santa’s), Tommy’s (when we had more […]