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Amazing Tofu Marsala and Bonus Foods

Yet more photos of RRF’s Cinnamon Rolls. I broke down and made them again. I add a little more cinnamon to them, but otherwise I follow the recipe as written. Check out that cave of cinnamon goodness. My frosting is 1/2 tub tofutti cream cheese, 1/2 a stick of EB, 1 tsp vanilla and about […]

If Iron Chef Were Vegan

Ok, so I’m totally dreaming here and I know it. So what? What if there really could be a Vegan Iron Chef show? Last time we watched the secret ingredient was swordfish. I use the word ‘watched’ very loosely. How much can you actually watch without feeling like you’re going to hurl. It’s too bad […]

1 Bad, 3 Good (with Cookies)

Remember that survey? Where it asked about your biggest cooking failure? In spite of serious competition for failures, the Gluten Roast I made for Thanksgiving one year wins the award. I think it was a VT recipe back in the late 80’s and I’ve searched the net to find it for your entertainment pleasure, but […]

The Omelet Diguised as a Scramble

Last night was not as long as I thought it would be but still just about as bad. I’m not naming names, but this group said the Pledge of Allegiance and even added 3 words to the end. This might be a widespead thing, I don’t know. It’s definitely a parochial school thing. I’d never […]