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Coupon Contest Winners!

Mexican Scramble I know, I’m late. This week simply got away from me. I’m finally getting around to posting the coupon winners today. And they are: #1- sgcorrie #8 – Autumn Tao #17 -Rachel All you have to do is email me your mailing address and I’ll get the coupons in the mail to you. […]

Croissants and Coffee, Ooh La La!

Welcome to Week 3 of VeganMoFo! I love how everyone is blogging even though I don’t stand a chance of keeping up with the posts. You are all going to make some great winter reading. So next March when you see me resurrecting one of your November blog posts with my comments, don’t be surprised. […]

Week 2 Begins!

In keeping with my pseudo theme of favorites, it’s just not the weekend without a scramble! Sunday morning’s breakfast was this Mexican-style scramble. Along with the usual ingredients, it’s got a Field Roast chipotle sausage and chopped tomatoes in the mix. As you can see, I like the tofu a little chunky. Finely crumbled tofu […]

Mapley Apple Oat Muffins

Yesterday I mentioned that there might be another apple post coming. Guess what? It’s today! These cinnamony apple oat muffins are like sunshine on blazing red and orange trees, like a day spent in a big bulky sweater picking apples at the orchard, like a cup of hot tea in front of a fire….you get […]

Pattycake Bakery, Columbus, Ohio

As you can see, we were in Columbus on a day with a clear blue sky, which include our very first trip to Pattycake Bakery! It’s an adorable little storefront that is just packed with vegan goodness. This photo only captures some of the wonderful goodies, but it gives you an idea. The Marry Me […]