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OATrageous Oats Review and Contest

A whole book on oats? I’ll admit to being a bit skeptical, but  just a bit. After all, Kathy Hester knows her stuff and if she thought the humble grain was worth a whole book, she’d make it clear why. My first impression of the cover was a good one: with a lot of white […]

Winner of Pies and Tarts with Heart!

Congratulations, #10: Cassi Conyers! I will try to contact you privately, but if you don’t hear from me, please send me your mailing address. I know you will love Pies and Tarts with Heart, which is packed with both savory and sweet recipes. Because Celine and I are starting work on a new book, I […]

Kitty Overload and Grills Gone Vegan Recipe Overview

Thank you very, very much to all of you who sent me birthday wishes! It is heartwarming that so many of you took time out to think of me. While I would like to think I wouldn’t miss your birthdays, in reality, I just  might. So let me share some adorable kitty photos with you. […]

Winners! Sparkling Margaritas!

Yikes, where has this week gone? Or the  year? How is it Memorial Day Weekend already?  Since I’m late in drawing the winners, I’ll try to soften the blow by posting a photo of Cleo in front of the quilt I made in a quilt class that launched on my latest fun.   You’ve been […]

Highlights of 2012

Wow, it’s been a  month since I’ve updated here. That’s the longest break I’ve taken since starting my blog for the very first VeganMoFo. To get back in the swing of things, I thought I’d post some personal highlights from last year. We redid our kitchen, making me want to spend even more time there. […]