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I’m a Quitter

I’m a Quitter. There, I said it, with a capital Q even. That cookie recipe has gotten the best of me. I’ve been pulling my hair and letting my mind race about this recipe. What if I baked it hotter? What if the dough were colder? What if I used cornstarch instead of arrowroot? What […]

Cookies, Strike 3 (Sort Of)

We had the Vietnamese Seitan Sandwich from V’con for lunch today, which was a no-brainer lunch for me. I knew I’d love it. But it got me thinking about sandwiches in general. Here are my favorites: 1. Any seitan sandwich- like I said before, it’s my favorite protein (at least this month). 2. Reubens- these […]

The Cookie Quest Continues….

I tried another batch of those Bordeaux Cookies after playing with some of the ingredients. They’re closer, but still not there. At least I can see France from here, even if I’m not in the right region. If you’ve tasted (and loved) one of these from Pepperidge Farm more recently than I have, maybe you […]

The Omelet Diguised as a Scramble

Last night was not as long as I thought it would be but still just about as bad. I’m not naming names, but this group said the Pledge of Allegiance and even added 3 words to the end. This might be a widespead thing, I don’t know. It’s definitely a parochial school thing. I’d never […]