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Book Review and Contest: the Vegan Cookie Connoisseur!

Yet another book that I was lucky to be a tester for, I could go on and on about the wonders of this book. I’ll try to sound a little objective, but just wait until you see the photos. Never mind. There’s really no point in being objective about cookies and especially this book. So […]

Pattycake Bakery, Columbus, Ohio

As you can see, we were in Columbus on a day with a clear blue sky, which include our very first trip to Pattycake Bakery! It’s an adorable little storefront that is just packed with vegan goodness. This photo only captures some of the wonderful goodies, but it gives you an idea. The Marry Me […]

That Old Cookie Magic

For lots of us, this time of year is all about the baking. Growing up, once school went on Christmas break, we went into cookie overdrive. I’ve talked about this before on my blog and it’s one of my happiest memories. My mom, my sister and I would bake dozens and dozens of cookies for […]

Cookies and Other Sweets to Brighten Your Sunday

Before I start assaulting your senses with this wonderfully sugary overload, let me warn you that these are all tester recipes. No recipes and instant gratification this time around! But the good news is that all of these will be coming your way in amazing cookbooks over the next year or so. Fruit Tarts From […]

Peanut Butter Chocolate Pillows of Wonderfulness

Peanut Butter Chocolate Pillows Pssstt……I’m away from home this week without computer access. So if you see a picture of an incredible cookie army above with it’s half eaten leader front and center, then my blog magic worked. Dear Reader, you didn’t think I’d leave you with nothing for a whole week did you? Those […]