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Big Pot of Chili!

(excuse the flash… but it’s chili weather!) I had every intention of making the Seitanic Red and White Bean Jambalaya from V’con today. But the wind howling outside sounded more like “Chili….. chili… chili” and I gave in. I give in to chili a lot in the fall and winter. I’ve tried tons of recipes […]

I Like Caffeine!

Fasten your seat belt, this post is going to race all over the place. Yeah, I’ve had some caffeine today. It’s good stuff. So here goes! I’m having a mini contest. It’s going to be really mini, because I think only about 3 people occasionally check this blog. But I’m glad for those 3 and […]

No Theme Thursday

Here’s our front porch, all dressed up to showcase the brussel sprouts on the stalk we got at the grocery store. So exciting! Watch for the brussel sprouts to reappear later in this post. But dessert first, right? These are the Nanaimo Bars…. and the recipe calls for nuts. Any one how knows me, knows […]

I’m a Quitter

I’m a Quitter. There, I said it, with a capital Q even. That cookie recipe has gotten the best of me. I’ve been pulling my hair and letting my mind race about this recipe. What if I baked it hotter? What if the dough were colder? What if I used cornstarch instead of arrowroot? What […]

Tempeh Talk

I’m starting to think that Isa believes in tough love. That’s why the boards are down. It’s to make us fill our commitments to blog. I miss the PPK but probably wouldn’t have done this if the boards had stayed up. Some of you might be in the same boat…and the fact that we’re blogging […]