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Lower-fat Homestyle Pie Crust

I know, I know. I already used that picture on my blog, but this time I’m including the recipe with it, so that’s totally different, right? And this is just in time for Thanksgiving! I’ve been playing with two versions of pie crust for a while now. One that is flaky and the one above […]

Ghosts of MoFo’s Past: Bordeaux Cookies Again

Bordeaux Cookies v. 3.4, two ways Following up on that review of the Vegan Cookie Connisseur (drawing is Wednesday), I thought I’d share the ongoing saga of trying to veganize one of my favorite store-bought cookies: Bordeaux Cookies from Pepperidge Farm. It’s been years since I’ve tasted one of these buttery, crispy, caramelly wonders so […]

November Means VeganMoFo!

It’s here! VeganMoFo starts now! I’m celebrating my 4th year as a mofo’er, but it might be hard to tell because my blog used to be called the Kitchen Debate. I was curious about the 2007 participants, and if you are too, check here! Thanks, Isa, for such an awesome idea to let others know […]

Book Contest: More Great Good Dairy-Free Desserts!

Peanut Butter Cookies are a lot like Chocolate Chip Cookies. We all know exactly how we like them and there are so many different versions. Thanks to Fran Costigan, I now have my perfect go-to peanut butter cookie recipe. It’s from More Great Good Dairy-Free Desserts Naturally. Thanks to Book Publishing Company, one lucky reader […]

Candle Contest Winner + Cherry Crisp and Thanks

Hurray for panda with cookie, who was feasting on local berries on the 4th of July! Please email me your address and your pick of scent and I’ll forward it to Mike at Candles by Phebes. I know you’ll love the candle! And we love local fruit, too! Up top is a photo of a […]