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Winners! Sparkling Margaritas!

Yikes, where has this week gone? Or the  year? How is it Memorial Day Weekend already?  Since I’m late in drawing the winners, I’ll try to soften the blow by posting a photo of Cleo in front of the quilt I made in a quilt class that launched on my latest fun.   You’ve been […]

Wine Tasting Food Photos

We had a wonderful time with some new friends last night and thought I’d share the food we served.  Marinated Mushrooms, a variation on the Cajun Mushrooms for my upcoming book, Grills Gone Vegan!      Hummus  Spinach and Artichoke Dip (a variation on the Cafe Spinach Dip from American Vegan Kitchen) A variation on […]

Cinco de Mayo Eve

Even though the real day isn’t until tomorrow, I thought I’d show you what we’d been doing to get in the spirit. This weekend, we started with margaritas. Last night, we dove into this lasagna. It’s got homemade pasta sheets (the chile pasta from Voluptuous Vegan), and layers of black beans/chorizo and mushrooms/spinach, with Mexican […]

You’re Invited for Drinks and Appetizers

Prosecco Spritzers Fruity and fun, a great way to get the party started! Snobby Margaritas Now we’re really getting going. After all, it’s tequila! Or maybe you’d prefer a Cosmopolitan? This Lemon Drop is sweet and sour all at once. Maybe that’s your speed? We can’t do all that drinking without some great snacks. Let’s […]