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Garlic Scape Extravaganza!

I was hoping to get this out there before garlic scapes are out of season, but if I didn’t make it for your area, be sure to save it for next year. We pick them up at every farm market we visit, and this year, we’re also harvesting our own, thanks to our new garlic […]

Vine and Dine: Tempeh Stroganoff Stuffed Potatoes

When Liz and I had the idea for the Vine and Dine cookalong, we weren’t sure where it was going to go or how long it would last. We both knew that we wanted to cook more from our cookbooks than we had and thought the idea of matching recipes with wine might entice us […]

The Quest for the Perfect Whole Grain Pizza Crust

As I’ve mentioned before, Celine and I are working on a whole grain vegan baking book, and having so much fun! This book is going to be margarine-free, all whole grains (obviously), and healthier sweeteners. I’m really excited about it and hope you will be, too. In working on the book, I was determined to […]

Vine and Dine: Blue Plate Special Wheat-Meat Loaf from American Vegan Kitchen

Yet another edition of Vine and Dine! It feels like this one came out of nowhere. I’ve got a feeling that I’m not the only one who felt that way. By request, the book we’re featuring is American Vegan Kitchen! When it was suggested, I was both flattered and a wee bit uncomfortable. I decided […]

First Book, Second Book, Red Book, Yellow Book

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and like most Americans, I think it’s a day to celebrate. Since I don’t drink beer, that’s not a part of my indulgence. Instead, I focus on the food. Here are some recipes that might help you to get in the mood, too. If I’ve said it […]