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No Theme Thursday

Here’s our front porch, all dressed up to showcase the brussel sprouts on the stalk we got at the grocery store. So exciting! Watch for the brussel sprouts to reappear later in this post. But dessert first, right? These are the Nanaimo Bars…. and the recipe calls for nuts. Any one how knows me, knows […]

Chipotle Seitan: Dish 1 and Dish 2

Two great dishes made using that chipotle seitan recipe from Don’t Eat off the Sidewalk! Baking seitan in foil was a first for me and I liked the results. This recipe is quicker and easier than the ingredient list makes it look. Chipotle Seitan Pasta with Tequila 1 red onion, diced1 red pepper, chopped1 jalapeno, […]

What Fresh Hell is This?

Oh yeah, it’s Saturday. The weekend is usually a good thing, right? Well, tonight we are going to a local Induction Ceremony for a high school Hall of Fame. Not so bad. Not my choice of how to spend the evening, but I’m happy for the honoree we know and he asked us to come. […]

Post #1

So I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. Isa from the PPK posted about VeganMoFo… and it made me think harder… which made me actually do something about it. Combine that with the fact that the PPK is down (which rarely happens) and I have some extra time on my hands. […]