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Vine and Dine: Panko Crusted Seitan Milanese from Candle 79

With the holidays around the corner, this dish is wonderfully elegant. Having never been to Candle 79, this recipe is exactly the type of dish I imagine them serving. We loved this dish, far more than their famed Seitan Marsala. Rather than make the seitan from the Candle 79 book, I just used some roasts […]

Brocalfredo (The Remake) from American Vegan Kitchen

I know I planned to post a recipe from American Vegan Kitchen every week until the end of the year, but somehow last week slipped through the cracks. So this week, I’ll post one of my very favorites that we have at least once a month. I’ve changed the recipe a little (really, can anybody […]

Creamy Pesto Pasta with Sundried Toasty Crumbs

It seems this summer has been flying by, and my blogging hasn’t been happening as much as it could. Same goes for our garden. With the heat and the deer that plundered what was growing, our little garden is looking grim. The good news is that apparently deer don’t like basil. Since it’s doing so […]

Vine and Dine: The Voluptuous Vegan Ravioli

This Vine and Dine was life-changing for me. No, I’m not being dramatic. For the first time, I had a wonderful time making homemade pasta. Previously, I’ve used my Kitchen Aide with the pasta attachment and just couldn’t keep up. After getting a hand crank pasta machine, I’m now hooked. The pasta recipe for this […]

Cinco de Mayo Eve

Even though the real day isn’t until tomorrow, I thought I’d show you what we’d been doing to get in the spirit. This weekend, we started with margaritas. Last night, we dove into this lasagna. It’s got homemade pasta sheets (the chile pasta from Voluptuous Vegan), and layers of black beans/chorizo and mushrooms/spinach, with Mexican […]