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Summer Spaghetti and Thanks!

Summer Spaghetti For the last few days we’ve had weather in the 80’s…in April…in Northeastern Ohio. It was a little surreal to be that warm but not have any leaves on the trees. We’re back to normal now, actually a little below. It’s no surprise that today we’re in the 40’s with rain. That’s springtime […]

Food Network Friday: Guy Fieri

Garlic Vinegar Seitan with Tempeh Bacon Spaghetti Introducing a new series here at Vegan Appetite! It’s Food Network Friday! And it may appear every Friday or sporadically…or it may disappear altogether if I lose interest in it. We’ll see how it goes. The idea is that I take a recipe (or 2) from something I […]

Serengeti Spaghetti Photo and More

Three more things about the Serengeti Spaghetti! Click for the recipe. 1. Blogger wouldn’t let me post the picture before. Here it is! 2. The ingredients list should include 1/4 cup broth. Sorry about the omission. 3. Scrape any leftover marinade from the tofu into the sauce. Blogger isn’t letting me edit at all! I’ll […]

Testers Galore featuring Robin Robertson

Get ready for some goodness. These are some of the latest testers for Robin Robertson. Artichoke, Tomato and Roasted Pepper Relish Robin calls this a relish. We ate it like a salsa and loved it. Next time I’m going to plan ahead and be sure to have some portabello burgers to top with it. Lettuce […]

It’s Sunday…. How About a Contest?

Mystery Spice Blend Can you tell what that spice blend is for? It’s from one of Isa’s books and is measured to the letter. First person to guess it in the Comments gets a prize! And….we had this fantastic White Bean Dip tester from Yellow Rose Recipes over the weekend. Omni friends really liked it. […]