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Teese Pizza #2, D. C., and Hezbollah Tofu

I’m hooking you with a delicious slice of picture because most of this post is going to be wordy. If you get tired of reading my blather, just focus on the pizza. It’s Teese (again!) and this pizza beat the last one by a mile. We like the Teese better sliced and with just enough […]

Other Food from VegiTerranean

In case you were wondering what else we had: Spaghettini with Marinara and Gardein Meatballs We’ve been eating nearly the same thing every time we’ve been to the restaurant and decided we had to shake it up this time. We don’t get there often enough so we still want that burger that is the best […]

Forget My Earlier Post About a Baker

Disregard my previous comments about the idea that Vegiterranean needs a baker. Apparently they had one the whole time…. it seems all the desserts were selling out before I could get any. Clearly a good sign. But just to update things, since my earlier post I’ve had 3 desserts there but only got a picture […]

Jammies- Not Just for Bedtime!

Jammies Are these beautiful cookies or what? It’s a tester from Autumn Vegan and Garrick, who have outdone themselves again. These cookies are almost too pretty too eat. Almost. But once you start on them, it’s hard to stop. For the more straight ahead cookie eater, I also made the Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookies. […]


Yay! We made it there during open hours. The food was wonderful and completely worth the drives. Both drives- even the time they were closed. It was a snowy, cold day. The restaurant has a kind of industrial/white table cloth vibe. Very crisp and clean. Considering the fact that it’s in Akron (which is historically […]