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Noodlecat and the Future of Food Network Friday!

This past weekend, we had a family trip day and all headed to downtown Cleveland. One of the highlights was the West Side Market, where we picked up some fresh vegan pasta and learned that Orale frequently has vegan specials, not just on Tuesdays. Both are reasons to head back downtown soon. Since we were […]

Plant: Asheville’s Finest

My recent post featured some fantastic foods from our trip to Asheville, but I saved the best of the best for it’s own post. We had the opportunity to meet the awesome John P for brunch at Plant.  First up: A cinnamon roll for the table. This is what I call a great start. My […]

Asheville, North Carolina – Part 1

View from the Blue Ridge Parkway We had an amazing time in Asheville! So wonderful that it’s going to take me two posts to cover it. The city is artsy, full of music, variety, with something fun happening on every corner and all places in between. As a big bonus, the town (city? town? it’s […]

Paladar Latin Kitchen, Woodmere, Ohio

Recently, we had one of the best experiences we’ve ever had while eating vegan at a non-vegan restaurant. With family nearby Paladar, I sent an email to the restaurant to see if they might be able to piece something together for us on their menu. Within 24 hours, I’d gotten a response! The only problem […]

Farm to Table Dinner at Bistro 185 (Cleveland)

We don’t get into Cleveland all that often, but we’d gotten seats for a Return to Forever concert, a band we’d gotten hooked on in college. We decided to really make a night of it and go to dinner first. As luck would have it, the evening coincided with the monthly vegan theme dinner at […]