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Simple Corn Salad ( a recipe, sort of) + a Tester

This is just too pretty not to post. But let me warn you, the recipe is totally thrown together. It’s one of those things you really have to freestyle and make your own. Swap out vegetables, herbs… just be sure it’s got the corn and some cool colors going on and it will taste fabulous! […]

Ethiopian Crepes with Potato Salad Coleslaw

Tester recipe I was kind of holding off on posting some of these tester photos, thinking that it was cruel and unusual to drop them on you one by one. It seemed like water torture or something. But last night’s dinner* was so amazing that I can’t resist. These are Ethiopian Crepes with Potato Salad […]

Spicy Cold Asian Noodles for Hot Days

We had these amazing Spicy Noodles when we were in Vermont. They are a terrific, flavorful tide-me-over or a great side with sandwiches. Of course, I had to try to recreate them when we got home. It’s easy, quick and tasty… just the kind of thing that packs well for lunches and picnics. As always, […]

The Post I Warned You About = Testers!

Since we’ve gotten home, I’ve been cooking. A lot. Like I said in the last post, I really missed it on vacation. To make up for lost time, I dove right into all the latest tester recipes for Isa and Crack of Noon. In other words, no recipes for you here! But I did just […]

Pizza, Salad, Sandwich.. and Sweet Chili Lime Tofu!

BBQ Soy Curl Sandwich I finally got around to making BBQ Soy Curls after drooling over KatieJayne’s at the PPK. These are really good, and I’d make them all the time if I wasn’t so hooked on bbq seitan. Knowing me, I’ll usually make it with seitan and sub curls every once in a while. […]