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3 Seitan Dishes

I’m waiting for 3 (actually, it might be 4, but who is counting?) new cookbooks to arrive, so I’ve been relying on some kind of standby dishes. I tend to use only a few techniques so need cookbooks to shake me up a little. Here’s what we’ve been having lately: Taco Salad with Seitan Seitan […]

Repeat Dishes

Even though it looks like I’ve been baking a lot, I’ve also been fixing some healthful meals. Really, I have. In spite of porn appearances and what the scale says. Here’s that Caesar Salad (again) from V’con. Really, we can’t get enough of it. The top is chicken seitan sauteed with just a little tamari […]

Eating Out When You Live in the Middle of Nowhere

We live in a rural area halfway between Cleveland and Erie, so we don’t have a lot of options when it comes to eating out. Today we were making a trek to a decent grocery store in Erie and went to our cozy little co-op in Erie for lunch. Humorously, the name of the place […]