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4th of July, Birthday Cake, and a Contest!

Happy Day After the 4th, aka my birthday! Growing up, I was convinced the 4th of July was just for me. With a lazy summer day spent in a pool,  a cookout, incredible hand-cranked ice cream, Mom’s lovingly homemade birthday cake, and finishing the day with fireworks, how could it not be? Of course, things […]

Eat Street: Food Network Monthly is Born

I’m so excited that my friend (and cookbook tester extraordinaire), Kelly, has breathed new life into the Food Network Friday project. I love what Kelly has created: a Food Network-based, open-ended project that will feature a different theme each month. As we continue to scratch our heads wondering why there isn’t a vegan show on […]

Happy Birthday to the Sandwich! Win a Book!

Even a hardcore sandwich enthusiast like me was surprised to learn that today is the birthday of the sandwich! Who knew? Well, Celine Steen, co-author of Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day knew, that’s who. Want to know a bit more about the sandwich and how it came to be? Here’s a bit of background that […]

First Book, Second Book, Red Book, Yellow Book

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and like most Americans, I think it’s a day to celebrate. Since I don’t drink beer, that’s not a part of my indulgence. Instead, I focus on the food. Here are some recipes that might help you to get in the mood, too. If I’ve said it […]

Food Network Friday: Reuben “Meatball” Sliders

My version I have proclaimed my love for reubens more times than I can count. When Kelly suggested this recipe, it felt like a personal gift. I was that excited. Oddly, I grew up near a well-known corned beef hotspot outside of Cleveland. My family loved the place, but just walking in the smell of […]