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Mexican TnT Soup

Mexican TnT Soup This recipe is going to look like a lot of work. I know. But believe me, it isn’t. It’s going to look like a really long ingredient list. I know. And you’re right it, it is. But this is soup! It can’t be that much work and if you are a spice […]

Empty Fridge = Onion Soup

Yet another less than stellar soup picture You know the feeling. You should have gone to the grocery store 2 days ago, but didn’t. That means soup to the rescue. Especially if you have onions galore, a little stale bread and a tiny bit of Teese left. The result was All in the Family Onion […]

Soup: History, Philosophy and One World Tempeh Minestrone

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I would be nothing without wiki. This brief history is adapted from there. To get the straight story, read it there. Here’s the abridged version. There are two basic kinds of soups. Each of these can be subdivided further, but in short the two kinds are […]

Vichyssoise: A Fancy Name for Cold Potato Soup

This is another one from Bourdain’s Les Halles and it required minimal veganization. Seriously, how hard is it to replace butter with eb, chicken stock with vegetable stock and cream with soy cream? The garlic and dill are my minor additions, but I really think they enhance the flavor. It makes a tasty, cool soup […]

Thistles? We Ate Thistles?

You have, too, if you’ve ever eaten artichokes. After having these today for lunch, I wiki’d for information. My big question was “who in the hell ever figured out you could eat these?” They’re more work to eat than they are to prepare, or perhaps that’s a fluke and this is just an incredible easy […]