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Big Pot of Chili!

(excuse the flash… but it’s chili weather!) I had every intention of making the Seitanic Red and White Bean Jambalaya from V’con today. But the wind howling outside sounded more like “Chili….. chili… chili” and I gave in. I give in to chili a lot in the fall and winter. I’ve tried tons of recipes […]

If Iron Chef Were Vegan

Ok, so I’m totally dreaming here and I know it. So what? What if there really could be a Vegan Iron Chef show? Last time we watched the secret ingredient was swordfish. I use the word ‘watched’ very loosely. How much can you actually watch without feeling like you’re going to hurl. It’s too bad […]

Eating Out When You Live in the Middle of Nowhere

We live in a rural area halfway between Cleveland and Erie, so we don’t have a lot of options when it comes to eating out. Today we were making a trek to a decent grocery store in Erie and went to our cozy little co-op in Erie for lunch. Humorously, the name of the place […]

The Cookie Quest Continues….

I tried another batch of those Bordeaux Cookies after playing with some of the ingredients. They’re closer, but still not there. At least I can see France from here, even if I’m not in the right region. If you’ve tasted (and loved) one of these from Pepperidge Farm more recently than I have, maybe you […]

Tempeh Talk

I’m starting to think that Isa believes in tough love. That’s why the boards are down. It’s to make us fill our commitments to blog. I miss the PPK but probably wouldn’t have done this if the boards had stayed up. Some of you might be in the same boat…and the fact that we’re blogging […]