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Grills Gone Vegan Super Recipe Post, Part 2!

Here I am back again with even more recipes from Grills Gone Vegan! I’m trying to give you every opportunity to get grilling and win wonderful prizes! You  have until July 8th to enter the contest, but don’t wait until then. Your family and friends will thank you for getting on this quickly. Happy 4th […]

Vine and Dine with The Vegan Table: Tempeh Eggplant Pot Pies

For the next book, we’re tackling The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick Goudreau. When Liz and I were tossing around recipes, I realized I hadn’t made a single thing from this book. There are so many great sounding recipes, that I was surprised. We opted for the Eggplant Tempeh Pot Pies with a side of […]

Garlic Scape Season!

Garlic scapes are finally in season! This is my third (I think) year in cooking with them and I love them more each go around. It’s a highlight when we spot them at the Farmer’s Market. Most people just pass them by, but a few people have struck up a conversation when they see what […]

Franco Italian Tempeh

Franco Italian Tempeh While I was browsing through my notebook and photos for something kind of different to post (something besides seitan), I found this. The notes are interesting, to put it mildly. I made it the end of February and while I got all the ingredients down (and scratched out and drawn with arrows […]

Crispy Tempeh Fingers with Green Cream

Crispy Tempeh Fingers with Green Cream Considering how many seitan recipes I throw out there, I thought I’d post an oldie but goodie tempeh recipe today. I’ve been making variations of this for probably 20 years. No kidding. Way back, I didn’t make seitan very often because it was the old school way and always […]