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Tempeh Thanksgiving Dinner (Recipe)

Thanksgiving German Tempeh Dinner If Germany celebrated Thanksgiving, this is what they’d have to eat. Delicious tempeh stew seasoned with warm fall spices over a bed of roasted sweet potato slices. This is a hearty fall dish with stick–to–your- ribs goodness. It can also be made ahead and reheats well. If you do that, add […]

Savory Tempeh Puffs (Recipe)

These are so good. And easy. As an added bonus, a lot of it you can make-ahead. As an extra special added bonus, it makes great leftovers, too! I borrowed the “roast everything” technique from Voluptuous Vegan. It makes things so simple and it really brings out the flavors of the vegetables. Once the chopping […]

Paella with Roasted Tomato Sauce and Garlic Aioli (Cookbook Challenge)

from Voluptuous Vegan I’ve wanted to make paella for a long time. I’d never even tried it anywhere and it seemed like a really fascinating dish. With the Cookbook Challenge going on over at the PPK, it was time. The recipe looks like a lot of steps, but it really isn’t as complicated it looks. […]

August 2007: Journey into the Past

The other day, I accidentally clicked on the wrong “August” when I was looking at photos. it took me a second to realize what I had done. Some of the shots were really bad. Some of the food was just so-so, but some of it was really good! Back then I didn’t have a blog, […]

What Once Was Rabbit is Now Tempeh (HT)

Yep, another Hezbollah Tofu recipe! This was originally Lapin aux Picholines. First off, who would eat rabbit? Even Bourdain refers to it as “bunny” in the recipe, further proving his lack of compassion. In an effort to counterbalance his negativity, I adapted the recipe to tempeh and even served it with the favorite food of […]