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Another One for Bourdain

I’m having more fun with this Hezbollah Tofu Project than I ever imagined. Converting recipes to make incredible food, while making fun of Bourdain and helping to raise money for charity, what could be better? Last night’s dinner was this Tempeh Basquaise (originally made with chicken.) I used to think we vegans were obsessed about […]

Joni’s No Tuna Melt and Cookies

We had a great lunch today! It’s the fantastic No Tuna Melt from Joni, of Cozy Inside. Of course, I couldn’t quite follow the recipe since I never ever buy sweet pickle relish. A dill pickle made a great sub and the sandwich is awesome. It really comes together quickly, making it a super duper […]

Tempeh Haters Scallopini

Upfront, let me say this recipe is certainly not authentic. I’ve never even had Scallopini and I know I didn’t cut the tempeh in that style. I hit up a couple of cookbooks (Candle Cafe and Nonna’s Italian Kitchen) and the ‘net and decided to incorporate aspects of everything. Why cook from only a few […]

After the Ice Storm…

Once we got our electricity back, I started cooking! The storm hit last Tuesday and we were fortunate to only have our electricity out for about 24 hours. Others didn’t get it restored until Saturday! Our phone was out and just started working today. The big thing was the dsl! Even though I ran into […]

Tofu, Tempeh and Soup!

People have been raving about these recipes for a loooong time. I finally got around to making them. Now I can see what the fuss is about and hope to listen better next time. This is the White Bean and Roasted Garlic Soup from VwaV. Mmmmmm! I had an issue with the blender (it..ummmm…tipped over) […]