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Highlights from This Week

This week has flown by! I’ve been making a lot of soap (catching up after Christmas) and we’ve been enjoying some post- holiday socializing…. so I haven’t been posting much. But don’t think that I haven’t been cooking and baking! Here are some highlights. Up top is the BBQ Tofu Chopped Salad from Real Food […]

Mexicali Tempeh Triangles and My First Food Porn!

Dinner last night was just as expected except that they no longer put meat on their dinner salads, so they didn’t have to pick it off in front of us. That’s progress in this little part of rural Ohio. On to more fun stuff! Remember that yummy looking tempeh taco stuff from yesterday? Well, today […]

The Official Work Dinner Rant

Tonight is the Official Work Dinner. It’s an annual event at this horrible steakhouse that is in the next town over. I won’t get go into it much but here’s a clue. Two years ago, when we were just vegetarian, we ordered spaghetti marinara. We made it clear we were vegetarian. This was by special […]

“Would You Like to Take a Survey?”

Just for something different, I’m answering the cool questionnaire posted over at Food Snobbery is My Hobbery. Grab a cup of tea, coffee or your beverage of choice. You’re about to be enthralled. Here it comes…then you can get the blank copy over at Food Snobbery and answer, too. It’s fun, do it! You’ll also […]

Tempeh Talk

I’m starting to think that Isa believes in tough love. That’s why the boards are down. It’s to make us fill our commitments to blog. I miss the PPK but probably wouldn’t have done this if the boards had stayed up. Some of you might be in the same boat…and the fact that we’re blogging […]