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Pretzel-Fried ‘Steak’ with Mango-Onion Gravy

My version This is the Food Network Friday that almost wasn’t! Several of us who participate use blogger and with the maintenance going on, I wasn’t sure if it would have to wait until tomorrow. Good news! Here we are! Kim’s version This week is Kim’s pick, and it was good one! We tackled this […]

Guess Who Is Going to Vida Vegan Con?

It’s drawing day! Thanks to, the admission will be going to Allysia, commenter #1! Congratulations to you! If you will please send me your full name, I will contact the wonderful people at Vida Vegan Con to transfer the registration. This promises to be the most amazing thing ever to happen to vegan blogging, […]

Vine and Dine with Horizons #2

Liz and I are at it again! We’re cooking and the husbands are being pseudo-sommeliers.* Be sure to read about Liz’s adventure here. Thanks for being my cooking cohort yet again, Liz! Cookbook:Horizons: New Vegan CuisineRecipes:Cuban Pan Seared Tofu with Onions and Mojo, page 100Caramelized Cauliflower in Spanish Green Garlic Sauce, page 130 Random Thoughts […]

Coupon Contest Winners!

Mexican Scramble I know, I’m late. This week simply got away from me. I’m finally getting around to posting the coupon winners today. And they are: #1- sgcorrie #8 – Autumn Tao #17 -Rachel All you have to do is email me your mailing address and I’ll get the coupons in the mail to you. […]

MoFo Fun for You! Yes, You! (print and play)

I don’t do many crossword puzzles, but while I was in yoga today (being in the moment, of course!), I got the idea to make one and here it is! It’s a PDF so you can just click on the puzzle and print. Test your veganosity. I already have big plans for next year’s MoFo […]