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Food Network Friday – BBQ Duck, Part 2 (The Recipe)

Repeat photo! Don’t let the length of this recipe fool you. If you make your sauces the day ahead, it’s a surprisingly easy dinner. I did it all in one afternoon so I copped out on the pancakes and just used tortillas. For some reason, I can never find blue cornmeal. My original plan was […]

Valentine’s Eve with Grilled Tofu Provencale

I had big plans for a Valentine’s Day Dinner. When we’d eaten at Horizons, I was intrigued by the way they prepared the Pacific Rim Tofu. It was a huge piece of tofu that didn’t appear to have been seasoned at all. But it was full of flavor due to the cooking technique and the […]

Soup’s On Winner and Terry Testers

Lately, I’ve been back to doing some testing for other authors, and it’s so much fun. The food has been delicious, too. Let me tempt you with some of the latest dishes I’ve made from Terry Hope Romero’s upcoming book. Originally the book was called Vegan Latina, but it sounds like that won’t be the […]

Food Network Friday + Some Special News

It’s Friday and I am here to deliver! As hoped in the last post, it’s a return to Food Network Fridays. To be honest, Jim loves the theme thing, so I told him if he found a recipe I’d do it. Within 10 minutes he gave me handful. That’s enthusiasm for you! We’ve got high […]

Grilled Basil Marinated Tofu

Grilled Basil Marinated Tofu Here’s a quick and simple marinade that adds a little oomph to your tofu. It’s not a really potent in-your-face kind of marinade, but it’s flavorful. It works well on seitan and tempeh, too. Like any marinade, the longer you let it marinade, the better it will be. Grilling gives it […]