Repeat Dishes

Even though it looks like I’ve been baking a lot, I’ve also been fixing some healthful meals. Really, I have. In spite of porn appearances and what the scale says.

Here’s that Caesar Salad (again) from V’con. Really, we can’t get enough of it. The top is chicken seitan sauteed with just a little tamari added at the end. It boosts the flavor and really compliments the dressing. I could eat that dressing with a spoon.

These are the Snobby Joes from V’con, with a side of Deli Style Macaroni Salad (also V’con). My husband isn’t a huge fan of macaroni salad, so I made a half recipe. Never again. It would have been great to have some left over. Instead, we devoured it. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one who liked it. We didn’t have radishes, so I subbed some chopped onion.

All this brought to mind some of the dishes that I make more than I think. Here’s a short list:

  • tempeh reubens (VwaV)
  • lentil soup (mine)
  • caesar salad (V’con)
  • salt and pepper tofu (V’con)
  • hoisin seitan (pretty much from the bottle, with additions)
  • tofu scramble (it’s not a weekend without a scramble)
  • any old stir fry (if it’s in the fridge, it’s in the wok)
  • bbq seitan (I could eat this every day)
  • cornbread (that award winning recipe I posted before)
  • soup (usually 2 a week the kinds vary. Today, it was black bean from V’con)

I’m sure there are more, they just aren’t jumping out at me right now.

Tonight’s dinner: Linguini Puttanesca and Italian Baked Tofu (VwaV).

Jammies- Not Just for Bedtime!


Are these beautiful cookies or what? It’s a tester from Autumn Vegan and Garrick, who have outdone themselves again. These cookies are almost too pretty too eat. Almost. But once you start on them, it’s hard to stop.

For the more straight ahead cookie eater, I also made the Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookies. Also a tester, but also in DEOTS. These have a perfect outer crispness and soft insides, with great flavor. Another hit!

By the way, we made it to VegiTerranean yesterday for lunch and tried the fries. I’m not sure if they are the best ever as Chrissie promises on her menu, but they were damn good. The tofu ricotta on top was a great accompaniment. We also split a piece of apple cranberry pie for dessert. Although it didn’t look very hopeful, it tasted fantastic! No pictures, this time.

I’m off to make a pot of tea and enjoy a few jammies.

Soup, Bread and Seitan

For lunch today, we had this Vegetable Noodle Soup from JCD. It’s a tester and really yummy. I’m not sure if these are really noodles or more like dumplings, but they certainly are delicious.

Over the weekend, we tried the whole wheat bread from have cake will travel. It’s a variation from the Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book and really brought back memories. I used to make it all the time when the book came out. My loaf was really ugly. I need to remember that my bread machine makes 2 pound loaves so I don’t get these totally misshapen loaves. But the flavor was good, so that’s why I’m posting it for you to see. Even if it is humiliatingly ugly.

Because my go-to food always involves seitan, we had this chickeny seitan pasta dish that was a stick-to-your-ribs comfort food kind of dish. I’ve been playing with the camera and trying to learn more about the settings. This pic seems to show more detail, or maybe it’s just me. We wouldn’t normally have asparagus and brussels sprouts at the same time, but there were only a few sprouts left. We’re not that vegan, if you know what I mean.

The basic recipe for the seitan is from Bryanna Clark Grogan. I know, I use it a lot. We also love the seitan cut in small chunks and lightly browned for the Caesar Salad in Veganomicon. As soon as it’s done cooking, I add a tiny bit of tamari and it soaks in/cooks off and gives it just a little more flavor. Great on the salad. Try it!

Amazing Tofu Marsala and Bonus Foods

Yet more photos of RRF’s Cinnamon Rolls. I broke down and made them again. I add a little more cinnamon to them, but otherwise I follow the recipe as written. Check out that cave of cinnamon goodness. My frosting is 1/2 tub tofutti cream cheese, 1/2 a stick of EB, 1 tsp vanilla and about 2 cups of confectioners sugar.

Today’s breakfast: Joni’s Tofu Omelet from Cozy Inside. I need to try more recipes from her book.

Last night’s dinner was the very best tofu recipe I’ve ever made. In spite of being vegetarian forever, I’ve always had qualms about tofu. The only way I ever liked it was Sweet and Sour Tofu Balls from Louise Hagler. I liked it when other people made it, but I just didn’t have the touch. This past year, I’ve actually been trying to cook it different ways and finding some recipes and techniques I really like. This one is the best so far. Huge thanks to Tofu 666. My version is based on his but with added shallots, red peppers and sundried tomatoes. I’m renaming it Amazing Tofu Marsala.

I’m coming to grips with my lack of fortune the other day. I think.

No Picture, No Fortune

I meant to post this yesterday, but I guess I was too traumatized. We went to PF Chang’s for lettuce wraps as a fluke. It wasn’t planned. They’ve been better before, but it was ok. Here comes the bad part.

My fortune cookie had no fortune. It was empty. Now I’m in a quandary. For some reason, a fortune is the same as a future to me. So not having one is scary.

I’ve almost made it through one day with no fortune…. so I’m hoping it was just a coincidence.

But is there such a thing as a coincidence?