Quilts for the Cause!

If I’m not cooking, I’m quilting. With my books, I give a percentage of profits to sanctuaries and other pro-vegan projects, but I wanted to find a way to use my quilting to support the vegan cause as well.

If you have a Sanctuary or  other important vegan project, such as local vegfests, you might be interested in using one of my quilts to help in your fundraising.  Each year, I am going to make a limited number of quilts available to 501 (c) 3 organizations. Because I want a quilt to make the most money for your group, I ask that you please use the quilt for a raffle rather than silent auction, as experience has shown quilts raise the most funds in a raffle.

Just how does it work?

You pick a quilt from the photos on this page. I will ship the quilt to you to use in a raffle. You can sell tickets through various tabling events, online, or at a special event. If possible, I’d love to see a photo of the quilt at your event. But if that’s too much trouble, it’s ok.

If you are interested or have more questions, please email me at veganappetite AT gmail.com (all one word). Thanks for looking!

Green and Blue

GONE- on book tours raising funds for Lasa Sanctuary and Mid-Ohio Animal Welfare League!

Contact me for raffle tickets!

GONE! Color Blocks donated to the Cleveland Veg Gala, 2014!

GONE – donated to Hello Bully, 2014!

 Happy Stripes

GONE- donated to the R*Vegans Worldwide Bake Sale 2014 to benefit Ohio Humane Rescue Association

GONE!  This Way, That Way (donated to Lasa Sanctuary, 2013)

GONE! Organized Chaos (donated to Woodstock for the 2013 Thanksliving)

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