Terms of Use

While I encourage you to share the ideas on my blog, I ask you to be kind and link back to my blog when you do. It only takes a couple of minutes and is the right thing to do.


When an item is sent to me for free, and if I choose to review it, I will always state that it has been sent to me at no charge. Any possible review is entirely in my words and is not compensated in any other way than the item itself. If I give a positive review, you can trust that I like the item and would be comfortable spending hard-earned money on it. If I don’t like the item, I’m more likely to skip a review than blast it on my blog.

Please contact me before sending any items for review. I am selective in what I review (hello, I’m vegan!) and am particularly receptive to reviewing books. Often, I hold a contest for the book being reviewed. Occasionally, the publisher generously sends a second copy for a giveaway.

I’m not in the blogging world for the money and this blog generates zero income. But I do hope you will enjoy the content posted here, and also pick up one (or more!) of my books.

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